The Clubs ‘best and fairest’ Award was donated in memory of and named after one of the clubs most outstanding and well known members, Cobb Millynn. The following is a list of previous recipients for the ‘Best and Fairest’ for Senior, Reserve and Ladies grades. A later addition to the award was the highest goal scorer.

Cobb Millynn Award Recipients



Seniors –
Top Goal Scorer





2012 Daniel Millynn   Brendan Hassler Mitchell Peacock Gemma Berto
Louwyn Lightfoot
Reserves: Meredith Quick
Abbey Chettleburgh
2011 Daniel Millynn   Stephen Currie Jack Harrison Katelyn Seal & Meredith Quick Zoe Pitts
2010 T Neves   J Thompson Damon Ferguson Katelyn Seal L Todhunter
2009 Brett Delphin   E Anderson Adam Watters Katelyn Seal N Harrison
2008 A Poyner   T Hartwig J Palhares M Crorken N Baker
2007 P Maddison   Brett Paine J Palhares K Cigana M Crorken
2006 Paul Brunec   Trevor Gavel E Ruwluk E McFarlane B Radoicic
2005 Paul Brunec   Michael Colombera Z Smyth D Marcuzzi & Kathy Millynn  
2004 Jamie Marcuzzi Steve Brunec George Horvatek Stephen Currie Kathy Millynn  
2003 David Erdelli (Jnr) Paul Brunec Sam Keating & 
Aaron Marcuzzi
Luigi Colombera Joanne Thomas  
2002 Matthew Cavanagh & 
Peter Maddison
David Afonso David Herzina Tim Currie Lucy Webster  
2001 Alex Vaskovic Alex Vaskovic Richard Herzina N/A Beth Kennedy  
2000 Paul Brunec Tom Komadina Lachlan Simpson Andrew Palhares Joanne Delphin  
1999 Steve Brunec Alex Vaskovic Richard Herzina Andrew Currie Kathy Millynn  
1998 Steve Brunec Alex Vaskovic Ian Peters David Erdelli (Jnr) Kathy Millynn  
1997 Andrew Barber George Horvatek David Van Der Vliet Luigi Colombera Joanne Delphin  
1996 Steve Brunec Marty Meech David Van Der Vliet Luigi Colombera Joanne Delphin  
1995 George Horvatek Alex Vaskovic Luciano Marcuzzi & 
Ray Greig
N/A Kathy Millynn  
1994 Alex Vaskovic Alex Vaskovic Luigi Colombera N/A Kathy Millynn  
1993 Jim Regulski Alex Vaskovic Paul Millynn N/A Jodie Hore  
1992 Luigi Colombera   Ray Greig      
1991 Jim Regulski   Luigi Colombera      
1990 Paul Millynn   Dennis Regulski      
1989 Brad King   Paul Millynn      
1988 Jim Regulski   Mick Slater      
1987 Gary Colombera   Andy Sims      
1986 Dennis Regulski   Frank Celin      
1985 Richard Herzina   Maurizio Colombera      
1984 Paul Millynn   Rocky Tedesco      
1983 Paul Millynn   Paul Tiburzi      
1982 Luigi Colombera   Petar Gvozdenovic      
1981 Maurizio Colombera   Steve Chandler      
1980 Peter Kromar          
1979 Maurizio Colombera          
1978 Vito Panetlic          
1977 Mark Savolinien          
1976 Mile Pantelic          
1975 B Smith